Potrebne promoterke i hostese iz Podgorice

jedna od ponuda …

Dear Employee,

My name is …. and I am from the International Federation of Teqball. We organizing a Teqball Tour in Verde Complex; Oktoih 2, Podgorica, Montenegro.

We would like hostesses to our event. I write you the details below:

• Date: 31 March

Working hours: 11:00-19:00

• Number of hostesses: 10

Appearance requirements:

• english speaking at minimum medium level, pretty, intelligent girls

• if it is possible the girls be more or less the same height

• clothing: black matching blazer and black knee-length dress with black transparent stockings, elegant black plain shoes (please bring high-heel shoes for the award ceremony)

Please send me a price offer according to the details above, and reference photos from the girls.

Prijavljivanje je preko portala https://agencysnob.com/member/postani-hostesa/