Postani Miss Serbia za Fashion Week u Milanu, Ženevi i Parizu 2022

Agecncija SNOB je dobila pozivnicu da posalje predstavnicu MISS SERBIA na Fashion Week u Parizu 2022.

Potrebno je, pored lepote i gradje, da ima i talenat (pevanje, gluma, sviranje, ples, recitovanje ili nesto slicno).

Verovatno je potrebno da je vakcinisana, kako bi mogla da putuje do Italije i Francuske.

Svakako je neophodno osnovno znanje engleskog jezika.

U nastavku sledi tekst koji smo dobili, a Vi se javite na ako ste zainteresovane, i da bi dobile ostale detalje oko putovanja tj ucesca.



2 January 2022

Dear Partner,

The Beginning of A New Era, 2022 Miss Supertalent of the World, and Paris Fashion Week FW22 are delighted to present

Ducasse sur Seine Lunch Cruise at 12.00-15.30 pm on 7th March
The most luxurious floating restaurant in the Seine on a boat docked in front of Paris’s famous landmark, managed by Alain Ducasse, the world’s most 21 Michelin stars chef in 30 restaurants spread over three continents.

Grand ballroom (NEF) at Palais Brongniart at 17.00 pm on 8th March
Home of the French Stock Exchange, built by the request of Napoléon I, one of the top three fashion venues in Paris showcasing such as Fendi, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin, TRANOÏ …

We look forward to collaborating with you as a country director or any partnership you might offer us

Travel, Play, Influence on the World
1 March: Arrival in Milan. Check-in Starhotel Ritz for 2 nights
2 March: Preliminary Fashion Event in Lake Como
3 March: Geneva, Preliminary Fashion Event in Evian. Check-in Hilton Evian for 1 night
4 March: Lyon, Vichy and Check-in Novotel Amboise for 1 night
5 March: Preliminary Fashion Event in Château de Chenonceau

Visit Louis Vuitton. Check-in Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel for 4 nights
6 March: Fashion Campaign. Eiffel Tower, Place du Trocadéro, Palace of Versailles
7 March: Paris Fashion Week FW22 & Semi-final Supertalent at Ducasse sur Seine
8 March: Paris Fashion Week FW22 & Grand Final Supertalent at Palais Brongniart
9 March: Departure home

Supertalent of the World with Fashion Week, The Power of Fashion Will Win COVID-19, was held at the Eiffel Tower, Jungfrau, Ferrari museum, Modena, Incheon International Airport, Seoul Design Plaza, The mission of Supertalent Fashion Week is to put on exclusive runway showcases in fashion capitals around the world to promote the work of emerging designers and models to explore global development and opening up new markets.









Thanks for your kind question


We want to invite Miss Serbia to the upcoming pageant


HEIGHT: 171 – 182cm on barefoot
AGE: 18-30
MARITAL STATUS: Never married

You can send
SIMPLE PR0FILE: Any title of model contest or pageant
SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram and Facebook

Once we confirm shortly then you can send the contestant’s entry form per attached




First name:                                                          Middle name:                                      Family name:
Passport Number: Valid until:
Place of birth: Mobile no:
Email address: Date of birth: Age:
Facebook: Instagram: YouTube(Option):
Name of High School or college/university:



/     /    /          ex. 34/24/35

Hair colors:                          Eye colors:

Shoe size:                            Dress size:

Please specify the places where you grew up and have lived:
Have you ever participate in other beauty pageant or models contest; when/where?

If yes, any titles you have won?

What is your past/current occupation?                                           What do you hope for?
How would you describe yourself? (E.g. extroverted, adventurous, sporty, shopaholic, bookworm etc.)
What are your top 3 hobbies and interests?
Do you have any allergic or sick diseases?
Languages spoken fluently:                                                               Languages written:
List countries you have visited/traveled/year:
National Director/Model Agency  name:                                              City / Country:

Email:                                                                                                           Mobile Phone No:

From where/who recommended to you to take part of Miss Super Talent of the World?

In Case of any Emergency:

Person to contact:                                                     Relationship:                                             

Mobile Phone No:                                           ____ Email:                        ___________________

I hereby certify that all the information provided in this form is real and irreversible






  1. Now I am entering Miss Supertalent of the World Final („SUPERT”), which is to praise the Fashion, Talent and Beauty Reign Supreme. I understand „ SUPERT” is a global television and media superstar platform to become a global superstar by promoting the interest and participation of the general public & fans through social media and TV.
  2. I understand this event is open to single woman aged between 18-30 and preferred minimum height 172 Centimeters barefoot, and has not participated in any obscene or X-rated exhibitions, whether print, stage, television or movies. “SUPERT” has right to refuse the contestant which are failure to meet acceptable standards of “SUPERT”.
  3. I or my national director will purchase my round-trip airfare to the host country including charges for excess baggage; the return date of flight ticket must be changeable. “SUPERT” will provide visa package to national winner of finalist and shall provide to the finalist for free accommodation, land transfers, suitable site for rehearsals and training, special event. “SUPERT” is not responsible for any extra hotel expenses for any early check in or late checkouts, transportation to the airport in the case of missing the transportation at the scheduled time. I understand I should pay any extra expenses spent by me or any of my companions, such as: air taxes, tips, phone calls, laundry


  1. I or my national director must join travel medical insurance before participating the Event. “SUPERT” shall provide the finalist with continuous medical control and house doctor on call in any emergency cases or similar contingencies.


  1. I understand this is a beauty and model contest, with that in mind I commit to be in a good physical shape for the swimsuit event. In the case of not being in good shape for the event of “SUPERT” organization has the rights to disqualify the finalist during the competition. I agree to participate in, show up on time, and to act in the best of my ability to satisfactorily complete all arrangements (go-sees, rehearsals, competition, etc.) and follow instructions given by the “SUPERT” during entire event period. I shall respect all laws and regulations of the hosted country and maintain moral behavior, conduct myself with propriety, dignity, and in a professional manner, I agree no visitors shall be allowed except for my family, national directors and managers during competition period.
  2. I accept that SUTA Group, ownership of SUPERTand it’s associated sponsors use my image and contents such as copyright and portrait rights of production and shooting during the entire event period, use without restricted period and payment. I as finalist, I cannot use my image as “SUPERT” national titleholder, logos slogans or any parade, event or program without consent of the “SUPERT”.


  1. If I am elected the Top 3, I agree to stay hosted country for minimum five (5) days. ” SUPERTwill change my flight dates at own expenses.
  2. In the event that I award the Top 3, I and my national director have first option to agree exclusive contract with” SUPERT and SUTA Group Inc. The management payment from SUTA Group will be negotiated separately in terms of period and conditions
  3. 8. I understand I have follow and respect all the timelines, deliver all documentation and all the responsibilities of the competition or ev If I do not follow any of these rules could result in the disqualification of the participant or crowned winner. I accept that the judging may take place throughout the whole time of competition of “SUPERTand knowing the impartiality of the judges, I accept the result. I agree not to protest against the final result and I will not make any comment about it or offer my personal opinion to the press or any other person in the host country. I understand I cannot have any personal interview with the jury and in the case of having a previous link or interview with the jury I have to notify the organization.
  4. 9. I and national director agree to keep confidential all terms and conditions of this Agreement and shall not disclose such information to any other parties not directly involved in writing as stated in this Agreement, including other Delegates contracted with theSUPERT”.

I certify that I have the full knowledge of the advantages and obligations mentioned in this entry form. I have read the contract carefully and fully agree to accept and respect the rules and regulations set out. I declare that this document has been explained and if necessary translated to me and therefore I fully agree with its contents.


________________________                                    ________________________

Contestant Signature                                                          Date


Contestant name:    ________________________________________________________






We declare the validity of the above information and the answers that are given are true to the best of our knowledge.



National Director’s signature:     __________________________________________________


National Director’s name:                                 ___________________________________________________




(ⅰ) One Fantasy National Costume with Cape image

(ⅱ) One Long Dress Evening Gown for final

(ⅲ) One-piece Red Dress and One-piece Blue Dress

(ⅳ) One Swimsuit (blue color)

(ⅴ) One Pair of Red High Heels and One Pair of Blue High Heels

(ⅵ) One Imitate Gold Color Crown for Fashion Show

(ⅶ) Two (2) Pairs of High Heels Shoes (Silver and Red color)

(ⅷ) Denim Jean and Hot Pants (Typical Color)


Hope to hear from you soon and wish you a happy New year.