Potrebni manekeni i manekenke za Indiju.

Potrebni manekeni i manekenke za Indiju.  Prijavite se preko portala https://www.agencysnob.com/models/  


Dear partner,
Hope all is great at your end.
This is Aayush …  from … AGENCY, INDIA.
We are a leading talent and celebrity management agency,we manage array of the top models both male and female along with a bandwidth of actors and artist(makeup and stylist).
We are constantly on the lookout for on-stay models for our Mumbai market.We have a lot of castings/jobs (TV commercials,Print campaigns,Textile catalogs,Editorials,advt.,fashion shows…) with an exponentially growing Indian market.
There-forth for our current  and next seasons,we are looking forward to welcome female and male models,who are available to travel to India for work,for a minimum period of 90 days. The criteria for the talents suitable for our market are as below:-
Minimum height-
For females-Minimum height-174 cms
For males-Minimum height- 182 cms
If you have any proposals as per our requirements,please send us.
Full book along with measurement  
Casting video