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Potrebni manekeni i manekenke za Maleziju.  Prijavite se preko portala https://www.agencysnob.com/models/    We are … from Malaysia. We are a company involves in:- – planning, producing and managing creative contents including music, video, avatars etc; – manages 600,000 music IPs and distributes them globally; – collaborates with artists and influencersContinue Reading

Potrebni manekeni i manekenke za Tajvan. Postanite clan nase agencije, kako bi Vas prijavili – https://www.agencysnob.com/models/   Hello, dear. My name is … Chen. Scouter at …. Model. My agency was established in Taiwan 2004 then have branch offices in GZ and SZ respectively. We cooperate with many international brandsContinue Reading