Promotional Models available for booking at events, tradeshows and exhibitions Agency SNOB are a leading provider of enthusiastic and experienced promotional staff and models to work at exhibitions, tradeshows and events. We are known for booking excellent and intelligent promotional models who not only look fantastic but will represent your brand in a professional manner. All our models have an interest in events and business and enjoying representing and promoting businesses and working with the public. Our staff are passionate about events and we only work with staff who love working with businesses and promoting. Why do businesses hire Promotional Models? Promotional models are often hired to drive consumer demand for a product, service, brand, or concept by directly interacting with potential new consumers. Models are particularly popular for a product launch, event launch or tradeshow as they can be booked according to look and to match brand identity. Promotional models are also known as brand ambassadors or event models, and can be used for event marketing to speak with and engage directly with show visitors by learning key messages and company information. Why book our Promotional Models? Agency SNOB promotional models are unique- they are intelligent, business focused and can speak eloquently about your product. Our staff will integrate into your sales team and many of our models are multi-lingual and have an active interest in business and marketing. Our models are beautiful but they are more than just pretty faces. The girls are smart and will engage visually and also intellectually. They have experience in a varied range of industries from beauty products, IT products, automobile brands, sport, consumer and technology brands and can adapt and learn about any industry. We guarantee that all our staff are friendly, confident, hard-working and will represent your company and get your brand noticed in the right way. Some of the services we provide include – Model hostesses & hosts – to serve drinks at exhibitions, tradeshows and guests at events Themed Models – to wear branded outfits and costumes and promote a brand visually Sampling Models – to hand out a small version of your product and give a key message Leafleting Models – to hand out flyers and leaflets to inform new customers about a launch or new product Data Capture and Lead Generation Models – to get new customer details via an iPad or tablet Our prices are competitive and our staff always get excellent feedback – please click here for examples of our past client feedback

We offer our event staffing services in the following categories : Exhibition Hostesses Booth Info Assistants Corporate Event Promoters Conference Hostesses Booth Hostesses Sports Event Models Exhibition Interpreters Product Demonstrators Roadshow Event Promoters Event Leafleting Teams Brand Demonstrators Fashion Models Event Registration Staff Event Supervisors Campaign Event Promoters Catering Hostesses Master of Ceremonies Tradeshow Presenters For your exact requirements, please contact us Whether in fairs or events, the staff represents your company. A professionally aligned exhibition booth presents your enterprise not only in Belgrade , but is also your visiting-card for international visitors. We take the organization of your fair appearance not from your hands but support you energetically and in the smallest detail with the implementation of your conceptions. Our hosts and hostesses are trained precise and have specialized PC skills and foreign languages. Our team makes sure that your fair appearances and events a great success. However, we have not lost sight of what has made us successful: Customer Satisfaction as a top priority, personal care and quality assurance as a primary theme. You have a good product and you want to increase the visibility at point of sale? AGENCY SNOB helps you in the design, organization and implementation of sales promotion. Because nowadays no longer sold by itself, we realize Promotion, which aims. Our promotion staff is for this reason prepared by Corporate product training, sales training and motivational best of the functions. A successful promotion campaign increases the recognition value of your company and your products. You can potential customers on a personal kind of address, new addresses, and then win qualifies manage. The successful launch of your product is well supported by an innovative promotion and assures you an increased level of awareness. In our more than 7 years in the industry, we have learned that the secret of success for an event is a team of hostesses and hosts who are professional, used to working together, and there to help the client by being at their guests’ service in every way. We can proudly say that we have seen every possible hostess/host need in this growing market. Our most popular services: Formal events and ceremonies We are experts at handling formal events: for government and corporate clients, we have hosts and hostesses who have specialized in formal ceremonies. In addition to elegant presentation and behavior appropriate to the event, we place great emphasis on the unique requirements of the event in question and its security rules. Press conferences At press conferences and press events, our colleagues will welcome arriving participants, quickly and politely handle the registration of representatives of the press, and help with microphone usage throughout the event. Conferences Whether it’s a one-day or multi-day conference, our colleagues will be present throughout, from the preparation through the end of the event, and are ready to assist with any problems that may arise. Children’s Entertainer Our hostesses and hosts are experienced entertainers of children and adults at sports events and fun competitions. Our chief aim is to make sure guests have a good time! The members of our team paint faces, judge contests, and organize competitions according to clients’ unique needs! Domestic and Foreign Expos and Exhibitions We can confidently say that our team holds its own at any event, whether in Hungary or abroad. We register and welcome guests, help book rooms at hotels, give out information about the schedule for the event, distribute interpretation equipment – in a word, we do everything to satisfy both guests and organizers. Weddings On your big day we will warmly welcome guests, we’ll pay attention to the ring bearer pillow, serve champagne, and ensure that no possible problems can arise at the event. We are happy to work at both civil and external locations.