AGENCY SNOB MODELS was founded in 2011. The headquarter of our model agency is located in the heart of the pulsating center of Belgrade.

We represent models from all national and international major cities such as Belgrade, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Banja Luka, Skopje, Zagreb, Sofia, Ljubljana

Due to the variety of different types of models in the portfolio of our agency, you will find your perfect model for the following requests:

Photo shooting | Catalogue shooting | Magazine production | National and international campaigns | Advertising / Commercial (TV, print, internet and social media) | Lookbook | Fashion show | Showroom

Let us be your professional and always cordial partner for your national and international casting and model bookings.

Our booking team will of course draw up a customized model selection on your demands.
Send a request.

As we expand our portfolio constantly of course we are always looking for new, pretty, expressive and charismatic faces.

Are you looking for a good model? We help and mediate models for advertising and fashion. Booking models from Belgrade, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Banja Luka, Skopje, Zagreb, Sofia, Ljubljana and the surrounding area through a model agency really brings many advantages, from the first inquiry to administration and travel planning, if desired. In addition security is an important topic for customers, in particular with extensive productions with large teams and photo studio. With the Shootings then always the radiant emittance of the model stands in the foreground. Our model agency and our bookers are there for you: fast and uncomplicated. We are looking forward to your project inquiry !

New Faces
New Faces

What does a model agency do?
Advantages of a model agency!

Customer network – mediation to first-class customers
Renowned agency – Good and serious jobs
Model management – become a model step by step
Construction model book – Strong photographers and test shoot
Representation – Official listing in SNOB Model Board
Agency Network – Partners Worldwide (Los Angeles to Tokio)
Mother agency – Career and international planning

Begrade is a true world capital, from advertising agencies, marketing, consultancies to financial companies, insurance companies and of course events, trade fairs and fashion shows. From the London Fashion Week to the regular shooting in the photo studio, there is a lot to think about. From New face, which regularly shoots for the online shop, to the international model for the commercial. It’s all about rights of use, travel and organisation, but also about model selection and selection. We stand by your side in the search for your perfect model! From teen models for young brands to Best Ager models for commercials about fitness models, tattoo models and of course our focus, fashion models! With years of experience, a stable and broad network we are also your partner for models in London through our partners.

✓ Models for campaigns and shoots
✓ Fashion show, fittings and castings
✓ International model placement
✓ New faces and scouting
✓ 24/7 booker support
✓ Fast selection

Become a model in London
Modeling in London? How do I become a model? Questions that many people ask themselves, not only in London, but also in many other European cities in Milan, Berlin or Hamburg. London is the hotspot for models and accordingly also a place where many new faces are drawn. But what’s the best way to start? How do you apply to a model agency? How does the first casting work? What are your first model jobs? Here is a little insight into the fashion world of London.

Modeling is a job
First of all, it is important that you realize that modeling is a real job! From the risk that other models at your age will get more jobs, to waiting times after castings and of course the patience you need with yourself and your career, as well as the construction of the model portfolio. If model is not just a dream for you but you really want to try it, then you should apply in a serious model agency, with good customers and good references.

Application, casting and procedure
Your model application is not at all complex. At all model agencies you can find online forms, here you can easily enter your contact details and measurements and upload your photos. Tip! You don’t need professional photo shootings, all you need are a few pictures with your smartphone. They should show you as naturally as possible! No styling, no make-up, read more about model polaroids.

If you get an invitation to the agency, you’ll soon have made it! Every day, more than 50 models apply to good model agencies like ours, and that’s quickly over 1,000 a month. Maybe five or ten models get an invitation to the agency.